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Taxation: We are Tax accountants in Melbourne

Taxation advice and services are key service areas of Moran Accountants. We have a depth of experience across a diverse range of industry and business models which allows us to assist you to achieve the best outcome possible.

All our senior partners are experts in specific areas of taxation including planning and minimisation, payroll tax, capital gains tax, fringe benefits tax (FBT), goods & services tax (GST), land tax, PAYG, and the rules surrounding superannuation.

We work with individuals to ensure your deductions are maximised and accurately claimed and that all sources of income are considered before preparing and lodging income tax returns electronically.

For our corporate clients we also assist in areas such as group restructuring, taxation compliance, shareholder issues, depreciation, income and business activity statements and annual returns as well as meeting the requirements of Government in relation to stamp duty, WorkCover certifications, etc.

  • Annual Payment Summary Reconciliations
  • ATO Liaisons
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Debt Restructure
  • Depreciation schedules and Rates
  • Dividend 7A Agreements
  • FBT Returns
  • Franking Accounts
  • Payment Summaries
  • Payroll Tax
  • Private Rulings
  • Registration/Deregistration – TFN, ABN, PAYG, FBT
  • Salary Sacrifice
  • Shareholder Loan Agreements
  • Software Training
  • Stamp Duty
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Structures
  • Workcover

Why is it important to find the right taxation advisor?

When it comes to finding a tax accountant, Melbourne based businesses and individuals need to choose wisely. There are many taxation advisors out there, but it’s no secret that some are better than others.

The ‘right’ advisor should be professional yet approachable; when it comes to tax, transparency and honesty are very important factors. It’s also imperative that your advisor of choice is qualified, up to date with current practices, and available when you need them. For businesses in particular, the ability to form a solid working relationship is essential; your advisor needs to understand how you operate.

Why is so important to find the right person?

Even if you have paid someone else to prepare your tax return, you’re still legally responsible for it. It’s therefore your responsibility to find a taxation advisor you can trust; if they make a mistake, you wear the consequences.

If your return is incorrect – whether it’s intentional or not – you may come under scrutiny should you find yourself subject to an ATO audit. You will not only have to pay back any money you owe – you’ll most likely be fined as well.

The importance of finding the right accountant cannot be underestimated.

If you’re looking for a reliable advisor, choose the tax accountants Melbourne businesses trust – Moran Accountants. When you enlist our help, you’ll be able to breathe easy come tax time.